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Blockchain: The Solution For Secure Transparent Voting?

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Blockchain has become quite popular in the recent months, due to its application in various industries. And with a new round of elections around the corner, the need for a transparent and secure voting system is apparent.

To understand how blockchain is helpful in the process, we need to take a step back. While most people are familiar with the term ‘Blockchain’ only a few people understand the technology behind it. In short, blockchain is an electronic ledger, which cannot be corrupted. This is because it is necessary for all the users to verify all transactions. This makes it impossible to compromise.

Voting in USA

The existing USA federal voting system is archaic. Most of the process and infrastructure was designed in the absence of technology. The Presidential election occurs indirectly with he electoral college deciding on the President by voting.

Additionally, voting is quite unpopular in America. Many citizens avoid it because they believe the system is flawed. Considering this, using technology in the election process, would help to speed things up. This is where the blockchain can be beneficial in aiding the development of a secure voting environment.

Blockchain & Elections

Using the blockchain for a secure and transparent election is not a foreign concept. In fact, it could revolutionize the election process. For example, it can lead to the creation of a secure system, where all voters have accounts. If the voters want to go to the polling station, they could do so. However, they will also be able to cast their vote on a government approved website, or their smartphones.

The blockchain concept can also be used to create a decentralized system that helps users to retain their transparency. In fact, West Virginia now decided to allow its citizens to vote via a blockchain voting system. Instead of going to a polling station, they can use their smartphones to cast a vote anonymously.

The system uses videos to confirm the voter’s identity and then records the votes on the blockchain. This was first introduced to help the US Military and Law Enforcement Officers to participate in the political process.

Mac Warner, West Virginia’s Secretary of State, told, “There is nobody more deserving of the right to vote, than the men and women out there putting their lives on the line.”

Future of secure Blockchain Voting

If the blockchain based voting in West Virginia is successful, it will be implemented nationwide. This will also increase the participation in elections. For example, the young generation would be more interested in voting, if they can use their smartphones to do so.

With all eligible citizens being able to vote, will promote their involvement. Cynical citizens may start to believe that the powers that be are hearing their voices. Therefore, a secure blockchain voting system will definitely benefit everyone in the long run.


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