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Introducing OBITX, The Revolutionary Blockchain Incubator And Accelerator

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Definitely, OBITX wouldn’t be the most popular blockchain company you have heard about. However, the promise of this blockchain incubator is one worthy of mentioning. OBITX leverages groundbreaking blockchain technologies as well as accelerates top projects. In light of this, as a venture builder, this incubator strives to incubate technologies that would outrageously disrupt the world of blockchain in terms of innovation and application.

OBITX and the Future

For sure, very few believe in the beaming future of blockchain as much as OBITX does. Additionally, OBITX envisages blockchain further revolutionizing the way society and business works. In addition to this, this incubator will be at the forefront of championing audaciously innovative blockchain expeditions from entrepreneurs. These projects will have the prospects of changing the face of the industry eternally. In as much as this, OBITX hopes through its incubation efforts it would be able to transform struggling blockchain entrepreneurs to reputable industry leaders in their niches.

To do this, OBITX says they will adhere to laid down technical, legal, as well as operational structures and controls. The incubator argues that a strong operational foundation is a big necessity for any business in the blockchain arena to thrive. With this intention, OBITX’s portfolio of incubated companies will proffer a reliable inflow of new tokens to massively benefit investors.

A Little More about Company

To begin with, OBITX confidently banks on the power of transparent smart contracts to consolidate the potential of blockchain tech while even making it more sustainable in society. Combining blockchain resources and funds, they plan to pursue viable partnerships that would build the founding infrastructure for blockchain to dominate the real world. In view of this, OBITX would renovate the existing blockchain infrastructure. They will do so in terms of transparency, efficiency, cost savings, and security. In the end, the incubator plans to refine decentralized data management, cryptographic security, smart contracts, and even cryptocurrency.

Supporting Ambition with Action

In reality, more than the glowing plans on paper, OBITX is already lacing its boots for practical work. It received 50 cryptocurrency ATM’s from Bit Express LLC from Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. This is even though it is yet to be listed on OTC Markets. OBITX will make a payment of of $108,196.00 or 108,196.00 Kryp Tokens for these ATMs. The blockchain incubator will pay this into a chosen wallet within an interval of a week of completion of KRYP’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO).


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