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Should ICE Add XRP and TRON on Bakkt?

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Even though the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)’s futures trading platform has yet to launch, it is increasingly taking over the headlines. Indeed, this didn’t appear as a surprise to cryptocurrency enthusiasts as the platform will herald the betting of institutional investors on the cryptocurrency space.

Similarly, ICE is developing Bakkt to meet key investors’ needs, which is a strong indication that many Wall Street movers and shakers will come around soon. On the other hand, users are already calling the yet-to-launch platform to catalog their preferred cryptocurrencies.

ICE lets the public choose

Anxious to know if the ICE platform will include additional cryptos, crypto users threw the question at the platform. The good thing is, not only did they get a response, it was also a positive one. Last Friday, Bakkt took to its Twitter handle to explain that it would consider expanding its contracts, noting that there is a caveat.

The digital asset that Bakkt will add, will depend on client requests over time. The ICE platform earlier asked users to make suggestions regarding the digital assets they want to see listed. In fact, over 1,600 users responded to the question, giving many different opinions. However, a close observation shows that the XRP community dominated the responses as a good number of users went for XRP. Why?

Retweeting the question

A popular Twitter user, Dr. T., tweeted the opinion poll to his over 26.6K Twitter followers, asking if Bakkt should include XRP on the platform. While the poll continues, over 6,700 followers have already voted. Of course, it won’t come as a surprise that 92% of them said yes. The surprising thing is that some users opted for “No.”

Similarly, the TRON (TRX) community also wants their crypto to earn a listing on the ICE platform. This time, a charismatic TRON community member, Misha Lederman, is making a strong case for TRON via a letter. In the letter, Lederman wrote on behalf of the global TRON community. He raises strong points on why the Wall Street firm should consider adding TRX.

TRON founder gets involved

If earning a Bakkt listing is not an achievement for a cryptocurrency, then what is? In an effort to get Bakkt to catalog TRX, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, joined the fray. The 28-year-old developer enjoined Bakkt to consider listing TRX, tweeting “TRX will be your best choice.”

While Sun hoping for a TRX listing, the entire TRON community is eulogizing Lederman for crafting the epistle. Indeed, Lederman says they (the TRON community) are writing the letter to “make our voices heard.”


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