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Big Time Growth: Etheera (ETA) Coin Soars 80,000%

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While cryptocurrency prices are fluctuating, some little known tokens are showing exponential growth. Etheera is one such token. This newly introduced token experienced a growth rate of 82,960% in the last two weeks. It made its way into data aggregators like CoinMarketCap in October, due to its substantial promise.

What is Etheera?

Etheera is a global solution for real estate, according to its whitepaper. With an aim to become a decentralized hub for real estate deals between sellers and buyers, it can work for larger deals as well. This means, it can be used for bed and breakfast establishments, hotels, as well as real estate agents and brokers.

Its ICO ran from February to June but failed to achieve the soft cap of 6,000 ETH. On a positive note, the tokens remained in distribution even when the sale failed.

The initial bounty program of Etheera had 2,100 ETH up for grabs. However, it ended with only 43 ETH forum members of BitcoinTalk who continued to engage in the program. Nevertheless, it shows positive results and managed to reach public consciousness.

According to Etheera’s BitcoinTalk page, decentralized exchanges like BarterDEX and HyperDEX hosted on Komodo recently added ETA. It was also recently added to other exchanges like Bitker, Coinical and Ethershift.

However, all these exchanges are relatively small meaning that ETA will not have much exposure. On Monday, Nov 12th, 100% of ETA trades came from the Token Store exchange, where all trades involved ETH.

Etheera’s Exponential Expansion

Several new altcoins have shown massive growth during the past two weeks. For example, Eternal Token (XET) has shown a growth of 3,190%. Additionally Ravencoin has shown a growth of 386%.

However, Etheera’s growth surpasses all with a token price of $0.000015 all the way up to $0.012459. That is 82,960% gain in just fourteen days.

Is Etheera the Future of Real Estate?

Buying or renting properties can be a real pain without proper infrastructure and tools. Etheera is aiming to bridge the gap between buyers, sellers and even real estate brokers. Therefore, the introduction of a decentralized, token-based system can easily solve the most common problems in the real estate industry.

Etheera is a solution for all the challenges that face the real estate industry. Communicating or managing prospective clients can be a real problem for some. Fortunately, this platform provides an all-in-one solution for this. However, it is yet to be implemented and tested on a  large scale in the real estate industry. However, this will only happen following proper exposure.


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