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Coinbase Joins Forces with Caspian for Cryptocurrency Adoption

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Coinbase is no stranger to great accomplishments in the crypto-verse.

For example, the San Francisco-based global player in cypto-exchanges just forged a new deal with Caspian.

Caspian Represents Something Completely New In Digital Assets Exchanges

What makes Caspian unique is that it is the world’s first full-stack, institutional level risk management and trading platform. It is appropriately designed for both professional investors and traders. This one-stop interface to all of the world’s most important cryptocurrency exchanges is powered by Kenetic and TORA.

The tool offers traders and investors a full suite of tools.

Among these are historical and real-time profit and loss, sophisticated trade algorithms, tracking of exposure, and high- level customer service. Today it connects users with major global platforms including Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, BitMEX, Bitfinex, OKEx, Huobi, Poloniex, and BitFlyer, for example.

How it Works

Caspian will integrate systems to Coinbase Prime. This will offer incredible portfolio management functions along with more sophisticated levels of trading and performance.

Then, the Coinbase client base will gain access to the new trading suite.

The plan is for additional integration to occur with other platforms and exchanges in subsequent versions.

Caspian offers a purpose-built, ground-up particular set of trading algorithms and tools on the SOR Smart Order Router. It delivers best in class execution for institutional investors and professional traders who need that edge.

Coinbase Is the Ideal Exchange Partner for Caspian In the Joint Venture

Coinbase boasts the greatest reputation for online cryptocurrency trading platforms according to many observers. They connect traders, consumers, and merchants who wish to transact and trade the major digital currencies. The platform and company dates back to 2012, which is an eternity in the crypto-verse.

The firm’s digital assets’ platform is fully compliant. It enables customers to trade, buy, sell, access, store, and use the cryptocurrencies across 33 national borders. It boasts over 20 million consumers, institutions, and professional-level investors.


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