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Hong Kong’s Issuing 100,000 Visa Prepaid Cards

0 Total shares has shaken up the crypto-verse with a powerful announcement. The blockchain startup based in Hong Kong has filed its application to provide Visa prepaid cards based on cryptocurrencies. is going to dispatch more than 100,000 prepaid cards out to its customers. The company counts clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, and a few other nations around the globe. Becomes the Bridge From Fiat Currency To Cryptocurrency is making huge strides with this exciting project bringing major digital assets’ adoption to Singapore and Hong Kong.

Clients will gain a multiple currency wallet. This will enable withdrawals and deposits in BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB Binance Coin, and the MCO Monaco token. Monaco is the old name of The wallet will be a big addition for the company’s customers because it will support several fiat currencies. These will be US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, and Singapore dollars.

It took a joint venture for to get this revolutionary crypto Visa debit card up and running. The partnership utilizes the skills of Wirecard Singapore PTE Ltd. CEO Marszalek will help the company customers with the difficulties in accessing their digital assets when they need fiat currency.

Money Lending Backed by Cryptos Becomes Reality

The company has also broken the mold in another frontier. They have made applications for a range of money lending projects in both Singapore and Hong Kong. The firm will provide lending services based on the collateral of underlying digital assets in the customer account.

This will work for either BTC or Monaco token-based loans. Any customer with the Visa prepaid card will be eligible to participate.


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