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Do You Have Your Eyes Fixed On These 3 Penny Stocks Today?

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When it comes to volatility, look no further than penny stocks. They are some of the most volatile stocks out there. On certain days, they can run well over triple-digits and provide a 10X or even 20X on your potential investment, while the very opposite is also capable of happening if you don’t pay close attention. Over the past handful of weeks, if you’ve been watching penny stocks (stocks under $5), you’ve been witness to breakout after breakout.

For starters, the main reason you’ve seen these penny stocks go on amazing breakout runs are due to some sort of positive news headline they’ve pumped out. With all that has transpired worldwide recently, coronavirus, protests/riots, SpaceX, and more, it’s interesting to see that the market has been on fire and maintained solid growth towards previous highs.

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Under the impression that the stock markets have been red-hot because the economy is strong? Just imagine what could happen moving forward as the economy really starts to re-open. We are only at the infancy of re-opening and hopefully things will only get better from here. Though there is a long way to go, it’s important now to keep your eyes focused on penny stocks and their news headlines. Could one of these penny stocks below have the press release to bring in serious buzz?

Your New No.1 Top Penny Stock To Watch Today: Blink Charging Co.

Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK) owns, operates, and provides electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and networked EV charging services. The company offers residential and commercial EV charging equipment that enable EV drivers to recharge at various location types. It also provides Blink Network, a cloud-based software that operates, maintains, and tracks various Blink EV charging stations and associated charging data, as well as provides property owners, managers, and parking companies with cloud-based services that enable the remote monitoring and management of EV charging stations and payment processing; and vital station information, including station location, availability, and applicable fees. In addition, the company provides EV charging hardware, site recommendations, and maintenance services.

Blink Charging Co. announced a joint venture agreement with Envoy Technologies Inc. (“Envoy”), a provider of shared on-demand, community-based electric vehicles (EVs). The multi-year agreement is designed to bring electric vehicles and EV charging to urban residents across the United States through the deployment of Blink charging stations across Envoy property locations.

Envoy partners with some of the largest commercial real estate companies in the country to provide exclusive electric car-sharing as a property amenity for apartments, hotels, and workplaces; Mobility as an Amenity™. The turnkey solution includes EV charging infrastructure and Blink will be among the preferred EV charging station providers for the Envoy car-sharing program as well as additional charging stations at client properties, available to the public, for use by all EV drivers. Envoy’s community-based electric vehicle mobility platform grew 350% over the past two years.

Blink founder and CEO, Michael D. Farkas said “We are optimistic about this agreement with Envoy, which mirrors Blink’s mission of making electric vehicles and EV charging stations accessible to all. Envoy’s innovative business model provides Blink with a potential deployment of 7,000 fast, Level 2 Blink chargers in the next 5 years, of which 2,000 are expected in the next 12 months and the rest 5,000 in the following 4 years. While the chargers will be deployed through a variety of business models that Blink offers its clients, including models where Blink contributes the hardware, and while Envoy will enjoy preferred volume pricing for units deployed under the Agreement, the total MSRP value of the Blink chargers expected to be deployed in the next 5 years is approximately $24 million. We believe that Envoy’s car sharing model should help with the acceleration of EV adoption in 2020, it’s an exciting time to be in our industry.”

“We’re excited to work with Blink on the deployment of their fast Level 2 charging stations as part of our exclusive electric car-sharing service. The vision of our two companies is aligned: to advance the adoption of electric vehicles. To continue to drive the growth and success across our expanding locations, we have to ensure that our clients have easy and efficient access to high-quality, reliable charging equipment. Blink has an established reputation as an innovator in the EV market, and we are thrilled to add them as a preferred partner,” commented Aric Ohana, CEO of Envoy.

Your New No.2 Top Penny Stock To Watch Today: Color Star Technology Co., Ltd.

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: HHT), through its subsidiary, Sunway Kids International Education Group Ltd, engages in the education service business. It provides education and health services to day-care and preschools in China. The company also offers a structured system for early childhood education, including artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies, intellectual campus administration software as a service system (SAAS System), and online education courses for kids and parents. In addition, it provides personalized growth plans for each child based on the analysis of performance data.

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. announced its strengthened effort in achieving its long term strategy post acquisition of Color China Entertainment. Concurrent of ongoing progress in the development of its proprietary online education platform “Color Star,” the Company also plans to host an online concert in the second half of 2020 to introduce professional music instructors who will offer lessons on the Color Star platform. The Company is expected to begin onboarding artists and open to students for registration in the second half of 2020.

The acquisition of Color China greatly contributes to the effort in the initial development of Color Star platform as the company now has access to all of Color China’s industry resources and expertise. More importantly, Color China’s unique and abundant entertainment industry assets as well as its network of renowned artists and professionals will go a long way for Color Star’s strategy and will extend to Color Star’s future initiatives.

The “Color Star” platform will feature proprietary lessons taught by professional artists across the globe as well as related celebrity generated content. Lessons consist of both theoretical and practical components, aiming to provide students with solid fundamental skills and provide students opportunities for jobs in the entertainment industry. The company will announce onboarding artists and specific lessons they offer upon reaching cooperation agreements. The platform will also serve as an e-commerce channel for commercialized celebrity IP products beyond lessons.

“We are thrilled to be able to utilize all of Color China’s assets in the entertainment industry and offer more features and benefits to our students,” commented Sean Liu, Chief Executive Officer of Color Star Technology, “Visualizing our offer to students and our potential initiatives are exciting. Now with the acquisition of Color China, we are very confident in our strategy as well as future success.”

Your New No.3 Top Penny Stock To Watch Today: WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.

WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.(Nasdaq: WIMI) provides augmented reality (AR) based holographic services and products in China. It operates in two segments, Augmented Reality, and AR Entertainment. The company primarily offers holographic AR advertising services and holographic AR entertainment products. Its holographic AR advertising software enables users to insert into video footages real or animated three dimensional objects; and online holographic AR advertising solution embeds holographic AR ads into films. The company’s holographic AR entertainment products consist primarily of payment middleware software, game distribution platform, and holographic mixed reality software.

WIMI Hologram Cloud, represented by the holographic AI technology in China, has created the third-generation holographic AI technology products through years of technical research and development. Its imitation is over 98%, and the user experience can be described as breathtaking. Holographic virtual stage and holographic virtual character (HOLOGRAPHIC content IP) are one of the core industries in the virtual reality industry and has proved to be one of the most profitable industries in the world. WIMI’s technological achievements in holographic AI technology are also impressive, including more than 4,325 holographic contents, covering education, sports and performing arts, games, film and television and other content scenes. There are 295 related patents and 76 software works, all indexes of which are the industry leaders.

The core of ARTIFICIAL intelligence lies in its algorithm, and there is still a long way to go before it can be productized. In the transition process, entrepreneurs need to invest a lot of time to develop and build the AI algorithm support platform. The real win of 95% of the market depends on the word of mouth, thanks to solid technical foundation, WIMI high simulation experience is the key to AI Mosaic algorithm. In terms of content production, different from the random creation in small workshops, content production adopts the way of 3D shooting outward and 3D shooting inward, that is, VR ball multi-lens camera shooting and holographic AR ball shooting inward. The inside 360 plus the outside 360. The content produced can be used in both VR and AR.

One is technology-driven and the other is consumption-driven, complementary to each other. WIMI, a leading AI vision technology company, specializes in computer vision holographic cloud services. According to introducing, WIMI cover from the holographic AI computer vision synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising, holographic ARSDK pay, 5G holographic communication software development, holographic development of face recognition, holographic AR technology such as holographic AI development in face of multiple links, holographic cloud is a comprehensive technology solutions provider.

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