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How Investors Can Make Money in Cryptocurrency in 2019

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The cryptocurrency market enjoyed its biggest success in 2017.

During that period, most cryptocurrencies broke their resistance  levels. In turn, any commercial activity involving non-fiat money was almost likely to yield sure returns.

Some factors attributed to the bullish trends were: the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and the the excitement of a new innovation .

Unfortunately, the glee was followed by doom and gloom. The market highs experienced in December 2017 were almost immediately followed by sharp (and contrasting) declines in the price of all major cryptocurrencies. Ethereum suffered the biggest blow. The bearish market trend was as a result of a hostile regulatory environment by governments the world-over. Regulators were looking to guard fiat currencies as opposed to cryptocurrency.

A tumultuous year for crypto-investments

This year has witnessed the  most tumultuous performance  in cryptocurrency’s history .

All known avenues of making money off cryptos fell flat. This led to an exodus of investors into other niches. However, a change in investment strategies would see smart investors reap profits off their investments. A multi-level investment plan would guarantee would-be investors decent returns.

Solutions for a Bear Market

Despite the bearish market investors can still take advantage of some opportunities that may be in the offing. Investors could look towards putting their money into real-world crypto-startups with well-established partnerships. They could also dedicate robots to trades or run master nodes that will guarantee a passive income.

Rather than bank on the short term success of digital coins, investors could go long by waiting 2 to 3 years to gain from the turnover of well-established crypto-partnerships. Companies such as IOTA, Ripple and GoByte have partnered with ‘traditional companies’ such as Volkswagen and iVend.

Secondly, investors could take advantage of the dip in prices to buy coins with which to run nodes.  This will, consequently, maximize returns on the cheaply bought coins while accumulating extra coins. The drop in crypto-prices will ease the burden of putting up a master node. The latter was initially hefty in terms of financing. Master nodes allow for between 5 to 20 percent returns on one’s initial investment with rewards in the digital token initially invested in.

Robots for trading

Additionally, one can also simply dedicate super computers commonly referred to as ‘robots’ to the task of trading. They have impeccable market-timing abilities and will be able to determine when to hold, sell or buy crypto.



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