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ZRX Crypto: The Next Coin Destined for Coinbase?

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There’s speculation that Ox (ZRX) may be the next coin to be added to Coinbase.

The Coinbase Effect and ZRX

As we know from Ethereum Classic (ETC), it can be a game-changer.

Considering that a listing on Coinbase results in increased levels of adoption, it only makes sense that ETC moved higher leading up to the listing.  Considering that Coinbase is regarded as one of the most respected firms, no wonder additions are held in such high regard.

Now, some believe Ox could see similar interest.  That’s because some of the advisors are from, including Fred Ehrsam, Linda Xie and Olaf Carlson-Wee.

Even with that information, it’s speculation at this point.  But something is happening. On Sunday, volume and price began to pick up steam.  Coinbase speculation may be responsible for that.

PayPal COO David Sacks Joins Ox

In addition to Coinbase speculation, Sacks just joined its advisory board.  He also announced a working relationship with Ox that could support tokens.  Goldman Sachs’ Circle also added the coin to its “Invest Platform.”  With Sacks on board, the two could help foster faster adoption with investors and software developers.

Ox (ZRX) – A Unique Decentralized Coin 

Built on the ETH blockchain, Ox uses smart contracts to allow for easy operation of DEX.  It hopes to introduce various assets on the blockchain with tokenization to make that possible.  By doing so, users will have full control of their own assets during exchange.

That will provide those same users with greater security, as compared to a centralized exchange.

The team is also trying to reduce overall costs by cutting charges paid for every interaction.  With Ox, users will  be charged a single fee once the transaction is fully settled.

Trading at $0.74, traders believe it could move above $1 this year.



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