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World’s First Blockchain University to Launch in 2019

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Blockchain University

A team of Oxford academics are launching the first blockchain university in the world.

In fact, teaching will commence early next year.

The pioneers at the Woolf University will use the blockchain technology to start a system of one-on-one education.

Reasons For the Blockchain University

Woolf will be the first educational institute in the world to use its own blockchain.

However, it is not the first to study the potential of this emerging technology.  In fact, Arizona State University too has its own Blockchain Research Lab which focuses on research “to see how this technology positively impact the world.”

According to the founder and director of Woolf, Joshua Broggi,  “Woolf’s blockchain is designed to cut out the middle layer of bureaucracy between the classroom and the regulator.  The platform is designed to offer students and teachers uncompromised ownership of their personal data.”

The Challenges

However, some are skeptical about whether the blockchain will really be of use in this sector.

For example, Michele Finch, author of “Blockchain Regulation and Governance in Europe,” notes, “At a fundamental level, the project misunderstands what a university education is about.”

“There surely is the educational element in a strict sense but, more broadly, it’s also about learning a range of soft skills and being part of a real-world community that supports, stimulates and challenges you in your way into adulthood,” she says, as quoted by ABC News.  “From an economic perspective, I don’t see how this could work.  Tuition costs are $19,200 a year. Many [universities] could benefit from embracing technology. It’s really not clear to me what blockchain would add to education.”



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