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Wirex Boosts Ethereum (ETH) Adoption Efforts In Europe

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Ethereum Europe

Ethereum has been called the 2.0 edition of cryptocurrencies for several years now.

Despite the enormous contributions ETH has made to the digital universe, it has been stuck in a rut. The silver token of the cryptocurrency world has needed a boost. Now, Wirex has provided that necessary boost that ETH has been seeking.

Enables ETH Network for Three Primary Global Currencies

Wirex has gained fame in Europe for becoming an effective platform of crytocurrency enthusiasts. They are able to exchange fiat currencies for digital assets with their service. Surprisingly, they did not have Ethereum in their network before now. This has just changed.

ETH is now on the platform. Wirex will also be allowing for an Ethereum wallet in the future. Meanwhile users are able to exchange any ETH they have to USD, GBP, and EUR via the platform. Users can then make purchases via online payments or in store with their Wirex card.

For Ethereum, it is the boost they have needed for some time now. This means holders of ETH can buy things in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. They simply use the Wirex card either at a merchant in person or online.

This Is Only the Beginning for the Ethereum Revival

Wirex has still more good things in store for Ethereum. They will soon add the ETH wallet. This will allow members of Wirex to deposit, sell, and exchange ETH over their app. The users will similarly have the ability to change ETH for other altcoins and make cryptocurrency transactions for free.

Besides this, Wirex extolled the virtues of Ethereum’s legendary smart contracts in the announcement. This is the unique characteristic that built ETH into the silver token of the digital universe. Thanks to these smart contracts, all developers everywhere in the world are able to create and manage decentralized apps.

Ethereum’s incredible technology means that these contracts are self-executing. They marked a huge departure from traditional forms of contracts that require someone to execute them. It appears that “To Ethereum and Beyond” is once again more than just a clever hash tag. You cannot keep the silver of the digital world down.


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