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Business School in France Now Accepts Bitcoin

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Blockchain is a disruptive technology that is affecting all aspects of commerce. Industries are carrying out studies on how they can leverage on this technology to enhance efficiency, build trust, speed up payments, and eliminate middlemen.  Educational institutions are also considering joining the fray. We are seeing institutions across the world introducing and teaching  courses on Blockchain technology .One university in France seems to have taken this to a new level.  The school is now accepting university fees in cryptocurrencies.

Financia Business School is a Paris based education institution founded in 2014.  Over 25% of the student population in this school are international students. The institution is also offering courses in emerging technologies such as Blockchain.

Business School Accepts Fee Payments in BTC

Perhaps, it may be this pioneering spirit that inspired the school to start accepting fees payment in Bitcoin. It is actually the first school in France to accept payment in Bitcoin.

This business school partnered with Coin Capital, a Blockchain solutions provider. This will allow students to pay for fees in BTC. The institution posted the current price of BTC in Euro on their website. Students can use this information to determine how much they are to pay. In fact, many students are already making payments using this method. It is especially popular with international students.

Additionally, many international students prefer this method of payment. This is because of the delays and exorbitant fees of conventional payment methods such as wire transfers. On the other hand, paying the fees in BTC is fast , convenient and cheap.

Students who already paid using BTC, say that the process is flawless. One student, by the name of Adam, said that he paid for his registration using BTC.  He says he contacted the school and told them that he would like to pay for his fees using BTC. The school administration then gave him an address and he proceeded with the payment. The payment was then confirmed via a personal notification

Introducing New Products using  Blockchain Technology

The institution’s management said that they take pride in being the first university in France to accept payment in cryptocurrency.  While for now, they seem to only work with BTC, the crypto community is optimistic that they will introduce more currencies.

The school further said that they will continue to study Blockchain and find ways they can incorporate this technology. Sources within the institution say that they are in the process of developing their token. The school will use these tokens for internal transactions..

Universities in Europe seem to be warming to cryptocurrencies. Lucerne University in Switzerland, is another university that accepts crypto currency payments.


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