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HTC Unveils Pre-Sales of its Blockchain Smartphone, Exodus

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HTC Exodus

Taiwan smartphone company HTC just unveiled the pre-sale figures of its blockchain-powered smartphone, the Exodus 1.  And, according to HTC Exodus, “early access” to the phone can only be bought using Bitcoin (BTC), or Ethereum (ETH).

The Exodus 1 Release

“This is official early access release to the EXODUS 1,” tweeted the company.  “We are inviting a community of developers and enthusiasts to work with us to keep building security.  Join us in rebuilding trust together, one phone at a time.”

According to Coin Geek, “The HTC Exodus will be adopting the technology of Social Key Recovery. This means users do not have to worry about the loss of their digital assets if the phone is lost or being handled by someone else.”

In addition, Exodus will come with a cold storage wallet that will support major coins.

But HTC isn’t the only game in town.

The PundiX Made the First Blockchain Phone Call

Just the other week, crypto startup PundiX claimed to have made the first phone call on the startup’s XPhone.  PundiX built the XPhone on its new Function X platform. Therefore, as with HTC’s Exodus smartphone, the XPhone was created to solve issues faced by traditional networks.

Similarly, blockchain technology powers the new XPhone and it runs on a specific transmission protocol.  Additionally, it has DApp technology, which according to PundiX will revolutionize data transmission.

One of the unique advantages the XPhone possess is the decentralization of the phones

According to PundiX CEO Zac Cheah, this feature of XPhone display immense possibility for the future. In fact, PundiX can use nodes all over the globe to achieve the decentralization of data transmission.  “In turn this will have considerable implications for the future of blockchain and give life to a network large enough to support better scale, throughput, new potential applications and true decentralisation that has so far eluded blockchain,” Cheah mentioned.

We will have to wait and see where technology like the Exodus smartphone and the XPhone leads.



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