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Blockchain May Not Help Internet Voting Security After All

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One of the areas a lot of people hoped would benefit from blockchain technology was online voting. In this day and age, most types of voting are still takes place using paper ballots.

However, as we’re aware, this is an antiquated and inefficient method presenting plenty of potential for human error.  Furthermore, this system can take its toll, especially if there are recounts. Additionally, while there were attempts to move towards electronic and online voting, none were successful.

It is definitely not desirable to have an election hacked or rigged in favor of a given candidate.

Many Hoped Blockchain Could Improve Things

Many thought that blockchain technology would be the solution to this issue. After all, blockchain can provide transparency and security — exactly what online voting needs. It would also help to increase the number of voters.  Additionally, the process would prove more convenient and quicker for voters and government officials alike.

In fact, a program in West Virginia has been using blockchain technology to allow voters in the military to vote using mobile devices. Furthermore, there other regions trying this method.  While blockchain technology sounds like the ideal solution, there are some flaws.

However, some believe that it falls short in certain areas.

What are some of these potential problems?

Experts believe that online voting is far too risky.

After all, there are massive stakes. For democracy to function as it should, mass trust by the public is vital. Moreover, the system needs to be undeniably integral. People must be confident that authorities will count their votes without fear of coercion or bribery.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible if software and hardware have hidden security flaws.  Many devices,as well as networks have vulnerabilities, and internet downtime could prevent people from voting. Targeted attacks could restrict Internet services on a mass scale.

Therefore, there are too many risks.

Blockchain could make things worse since it could claim to improve integrity without actually doing so. Furthermore, records would be hack proof but this doesn’t mean the device that places the vote is secure.  If a device or network is hacked, votes will be tampered with. Additionally, vote buying could become a serious issue when others are bribed by a gift or payment. This is not currently a problem. However, it could turn into a serious issue when online voting becomes readily available.


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