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Blockchain Investing Tips to Note for October 2018

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blockchain investments

There are a considerable amount of benefits to blockchain technology.  Adoption is starting to take off as mainstream companies assess just how blockchain can help.

Moreover, data management is a massive issue in this day and age, as well as catering for fast and cheap payments across borders.

Here are three blockchain tips for October 2018

American Express

Some of the oldest companies around are starting to adopt blockchain technology. American Express is a payments company well-known for dealing with wealthy users.

Furthermore, they cater for a multitude of transactions, including those across borders. Therefore, they can benefit greatly from implementing the technology. Transactions can be processed in a fraction of the current time for minimal cost.

Additionally, it will be extremely useful for storing sensitive data. AmEx now has a blockchain-based membership reward program. Therefore, it allows their merchants to offer rewards to customers through their own channels.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems is a major player in the technology space. They were one of the main drivers during the internet boom at the beginning of the century. Cisco is now deeply involved with the new technology. Furthermore, they are creating a blockchain platform which will link different systems together, and offer comprehensive analysis and security.

Cisco joined forces with others in the tech space as part of the Trusted IoT alliance. This group look at how they can pair the internet with blockchain technology. Therefore, as a company, they have large cash reserves that they can use to make acquisitions and pay dividends.


Consulting leader Accenture can assist companies who are looking for expertise in adopting the new technology.  They are a go-to consultant for tech that help businesses to keep up to date with the latest trends such as data security an cloud computing. They are the leading consultant in the world and will likely see steady growth going forward.


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