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George Gilder: Blockchain could ‘Kill Off’ Google

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Blockchain technology is our future.

At least, that’s what economist George Gilder’s argues.

In fact, Gilder even believes the technology will replace tech giants like Google.  All as users begin to demand greater security and control over their own data. Facebook for example proves that we need greater security and more control of our own information.

“Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and The Rise of the Blockchain Economy”

In his book, Gilder argues that such a technological move would dethrone Google. This will come as users look for a more decentralized, trusted system for data.  He also believes the press could sell content to users in ‘micropayments,’ which would eliminate the need for advertising.

“The blockchain allows you to assign property rights to various faces to any content, including works of art,” he says.  Additionally, it provides an extra layer of needed security.

Furthermore, “The blockchain field is an amazing efflorescence of creativity, entirely comparable to the dot-com eruption of the 1990s,” he told Forbes. “It will similarly have a lot of losers, seminal losers like Netscape, as well as obscure, prospective giants like Amazon and Google.”

Blockchain Revolutionizing All Industries

Experts predict that the technology will soon revolutionize the health care industry, as well as the financial industry, by protecting patients’ and clients’ records through a decentralized system.  It’s even being touted as the solution to vast logistical challenges.

Therefore, even President Trump signed a bill calling for the government to look into the potential benefits of the technology.

Additionally, U.S. tech giant IBM is one of the leading companies to use blockchain technology in its operations.  The company just launched its Food Trust Product that runs on blockchain technology. It enables wholesalers, retailers, and suppliers to track logistics and the origins of perishable food items in a few days.

But this is just the beginning.

Don’t be surprised when blockchain begins to replace just about everything, including Google.




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