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New Crypto Exchange Using BCH Base Pairs Launched

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voltaire exchange, a new cryptocurrency exchange just launched. This is a trading platform that will utilize BCH (Bitcoin Cash) as the base pair for trades.

The New Exchange

The exchange will begin by offering bitcoin core (BTC) against BCH trading. It will follow the initial pair with ETH and doge markets against BCH.

Additionally, there are currently only a few exchanges that offer BCH trading pairs.

BCH proponents must resort to trading platforms such as Panda Exchange and Coinex for BCH trading markets.

Furthermore, aims to fill this gap. Semyon Germanovich and his development team from London will launch the exchange.

The main focus of the company will be on security and transparency. Moreover, Voltaire  also seeks the support of consultants from the Big Four firms.

Semyon Germanovich said that Voltaire will initially support BTC/BCH pairs and eventually move on to support Ethereum and Dogecoin against BCH soon after.

“We believe these currencies are attractive both commercially and fundamentally. There is a lot of overlap between the communities of ETH, DOGE, and BCH: productivity, collaboration, and innovation,” Germanovich said.

Voltaire believes in BCH

The Voltaire team believes that BCH has several economic, technical, and social advantages.

“Our team is united by a shared vision to see mass adoption of cryptocurrency — We’re behind Bitcoin Cash because we appreciate both it’s technical, economic and social advantages over other cryptocurrencies,” Germanovich said.

“There aren’t many exchanges supporting Bitcoin Cash. It’s a real shame because Bitcoin Cash scales using an efficient and proven method. We see it as the best technology to deliver daily peer-to-peer electronic cash payments for billions worldwide.”

“I think supporting Bitcoin Cash as a base exchange pair is a great way to drive adoption in the cryptocurrency,” added Semyon Germanovich regarding Voltaire.



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