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TRON (TRX) Makes Dramatic Recovery After Announcing BITBOX Listing

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It is no secret anymore that various altcoins got destroyed the last two days. Yet one of them managed a dramatic recovery today despite the brutal losses of yesterday. This is TRON, also called TRX.

How did TRON manage to accomplish such a significant rally that showed a nearly 15% gain? They had a significant announcement today that could shake up TRX forever.

The revelation came from BITBOX. Earlier today, it revealed that it has just listed TRON for another airdrop. TRX started moving fast. Eventually the price’s high spike caught the attention of CoinDesk.

BITBOX then fired up the crowd further by tweeting out the details of this airdrop promotion. They announced that nine million TRX were available on the platform. Then they shared that they will randomly select a winner to receive 30,000 TRX between now and August 22nd.

Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Get Excited About TRON (TRX)

TRON moved so far that its market cap exceeded that of altcoin rival IOTA (MIOTA) for a while today. Enthusiasts of the digital assets have many reasons to be so fired up about TRX. This is the little cryptocurrency engine that could.

Why has TRON managed to buck the devastating trend of the altcoin collapse in the last 48 hours? The reason is simple. Unlike other digital assets in danger of failing because of the altcoin apocalypse, TRON has real projects and adoption underway.

The digital asset seems to reveal another cryptocurrency shaking announcement on a bi-weekly basis lately. They continue to buy out exciting properties like BitTorrent and GameStop. Their Seedit is now allowing users to trade TRX over Twitter. The altcoin has also managed to gain independence from middle man crypto-king Bitcoin lately.

Then There’s That BITBOX Airdrop Promotion

Again, there is that highly exciting airdrop going on with BITBOX and TRX as well. There are four categories of this promotion that have TRON enthusiasts foaming at the mouth. The easiest to get is to be among the first 2,000 new customers to sign up for BITBOX. They each get 2,000 TRON just for showing up (on a first come, first served basis of course).


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