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Tron is moving towards half a dollar

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Tron Coin

As the launch for Tron MainNet is approaching closer, the value of Trons TRX token could skyrocket. The MainNet launch has not taken off yet, but the price could be down for a few reasons.

The external market situation has halted Tron’s progress while there are constant back-peddling and depressive outlook. The company has been stunted with this situation and any positive move it tries to make could lead in a price jump.

On 18th May 2018, at the time of writing Tron is valued at $0.067 and is down by about 3.79{7ac5c3bf57b95c89d20da1c585f68f2fe47644be0187dccece42864a092023b1}

Could Tron come up to the $0.50 mark? and we know it that the highest price Tron was valued at was around $0.25. Tron is about to move into its own Blockchain with the TRX token and there won’t be any reason why Tron won’t go above the $0.25 mark or even beyond that to the half dollar mark.

Tron MainNet launch is a very big event for the firm and TRX could continue to move up the market. As per coinmarketcap, Tron’s TRX token sits on the 10th place in market capitalization. Justin Sun, the founder of Tron is expecting the coin to reach the top 3 cryptocurrencies in the world.   

Tron move into its own blockchain could see the price jump and the firm could see a lot of advancements in this space. This not an investment suggestion but just a prediction.  

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