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The Top ICOs to Watch in Q4 2018

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ICOs 2018

Investing in the best ICOs can be a daunting task.

Nowadays, there are a myriad of them, making it hard to find projects that deserve your investment dollars. Especially given the horror of scams.

Still, ICOs really haven’t lost their appeal.  In fact, we uncovered three that piqued our interest.  However, we do feel it’s necessary to emphasize the importance of doing your own due diligence.  That’s because the number of projects with poor credibility and trust is staggering.

That being said, there are still  diamonds in the rough.

Here are three ICOs we found for the fourth quarter of 2018

Mobu ICO

Mobu is a platform that helps ICOs raise funds for security tokens. Besides this, it also ensures that the ICO adheres to all regulatory and legal requirements necessary within its jurisdiction. As blockchain matures, the need to adopt security tokes in the industry steadily increases. Mobu provides technical, regulatory and legal  solutions that enable ICOs to launch their security tokens with ease. It also provides a smart contract and self-regulatory environment that will allow businesses to issue security tokens from the Mobu platform.

Security tokens are better than traditional financial products because they can be transferred instantly, have low transaction fees and the investor base is large. Finally, a number of influential personalities and advisors in the blockchain industry head the Mobu team. One notable  individual is Phillip Nunn – an advisor on this platform.

The OEL Foundation

OEL stands for Open Enterprise Logistics. The OEL foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and human capital for the development of the Open Enterprise logistics blockchain ecosystem. This is a platform that seeks to leverage on blockchain technology to enhance  operations in the logistics industry.

Additionally, this platform is tamper proof, transparent and automated. Some of the partners involved in this project are Maia global, Amazix and Open Port.

Skynet ICO

Skynet is a platform that seeks to revolutionize the Internet of Things (IOT).  It will do this by connecting devices across the world on the blockchain network through an open-source AI chip. When the these devices connect, they are able to instantaneously communicate and exchange data seamlessly.

Combining IOT and blockchain will definitely improve trust and enhance the adoption of blockchain.



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