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Thomson Reuters Will Provide Users a Data Feed of 50 Cryptos

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The Canadian headquartered international media conglomerate Thomson Reuters just announced a strategic new venture. They are partnering with the global market data aggregator for cryptocurrencies, CryptoCompare. Thus, this will enable Thomson Reuters to offer its customers an incredible new service. Now, the media mogul will provide real-time tracking of 50 additional digital assets through its financial data feed offering.

CryptoCompare will begin integrating market data on the 50 different cryptos using its connections. The agreement specifies it will feed the data from a variety of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges on earth. Thomson Reuters will deploy the information on its financial platform, Eikon. This will give institutional investors a vastly improved amount of information and also actionable insights into the crypto-market.

Thomson Reuters claimed the newly available data aggregate will give institutional investors the ability to forecast price movements. They have lacked this data on the lesser-known cryptos besides key players BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and several others. Thomson Reuters’ Eikon platform is powerful. It provides real-time and historical data to financial markets and the international community.

Eikon Already Gives Global Institutional Investors Massive Financial Market Data Feeds

The world-class analytics and data visualization tools provided by Eikon mean that investors have significant advantages. Additionally, they can make rapid investment decisions on a range of asset classes. These include equities, foreign exchange, fixed income, derivatives, and also commodities. Furthermore, the platform makes it possible for institutional and retail investors to customize the setup according to their requirements.

Thomson Reuters’ Director of Strategy in Innovation and Blockchain, Sam Chadwick, shared his thoughts on the developments. He stated, “Despite the decline in the price of… leading cryptocurrencies during 2018, we continue to see increasing demand from our customers for pricing coverage of the major names. We have been engaged with CryptoCompare since their involvement in our blockchain hackathon in September 2016… This partnership puts pricing data for this emerging market alongside other asset classes giving… a more comprehensive trading view in Eikon.”

This newest collaboration with CryptoCompare means Eikon platform users will gain full insight into 50 crypto assets’ price movements. CryptoCompare delivers accurate and dependable price data from 5,000 crypto tokens and also provides over 20,000 crypto trading pairs worldwide.


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