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Technopreneur Partners with Crypto Billionaire in Blockchain Project

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blockchain technology

Technopreneur Serry Osmeña and cryptocurrency billionaire, Brock Pierce are partnering to work on blockchain technology.

Together, they set up a local company that will focus on related initiatives.

Osmena is the founder of SEED, which is a community-based entrepreneuring group which applies the technology to solve problems.

Pierce was also doing a similar project in Mexico.

When the two realized that they were working on similar projects they decided to partner on a similar project in the Philippines.  Pierce started his career in the movie industry where he featured in movies like Mighty Ducks and First Kid. This was before he founded a company which produced internet content.  He has been in the technopreneur industry for the last 21 years. His investments in the crypto sector are about $1 billion making him one of the richest people in the cryptocurrency industry.

Investing in Blockchain Technology

Pierce has already been involved in two tech ventures.

For example, is a payments channel while ODX is a venture that seeks to offer internet connectivity in startup markets.

According to Osmena, “Blockchain is likely to have a bigger impact than the Internet. In the future, the internet will upgrade to the blockchain.”

Blockchain technology is already in use in different sectors in the world

Institutions have set aside huge amounts to invest in the technology. A company like Samsung is already using Blockchain technology to control its supply chain department. After the adoption of the technology Samsung reported that its saved 20% of the its original cost on supply chain.


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