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Taiwan Launches Blockchain Platform to Improve Medical Records

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Taiwan blockchain

The Taipei Medical University just launched a blockchain platform to improve medical record-keeping in Taiwan.

The “Healthcare Blockchain Platform” will help improve patient referral services, and integrate individual healthcare networks.  This would help people in Taiwan access their medical records in an easier way.

Now to request records, patients can simply log in to a password-protected mobile app.

Patients in Taiwan can then access “a complete set of all their medical records, including medical images, lab results, and clinical and health exam information.  In addition, the technology will aid in securing patient information.  In fact, it will ask for notification and consent beforehand.

Adding Security to Healthcare

Blockchain technology is finding increased use in the health industry. From securing patient records to combating fake pharmaceutical products, healthcare, it’s just beginning to find its place.

Blockchain technology stores data in blocks that cannot be altered or accessed without a key code.  And the only way to get a key code is with permission.  In addition, pharmaceutical companies must track every movement of drug delivery.

That includes the manufacturing to end points in the supply chain. That leaves little opportunity for theft at any point of transfer.

Blockchain can also help keep track of all studies in one single database.

Granted, there is no such thing as foolproof.

But the traditional systems need to be updated and changed.  If not, we go down a path where our most vital information can be exposed for all to see.

The healthcare industry should explore it a bit more.  Unless they enjoy the $408 per file fee that comes with a breach.



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