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Surveys find that Cryptocurrency Really is Here to Stay

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cryptocurrency survey

“Cryptocurrency is here to stay” is becoming a common theme these days.

Surveys are still uncovering this fact

The European Commission will conclude a regulatory assessment for the governance of crypto assets, because they are “here to stay.”

That’s what Valdis Dombrovskis, vice president of the European Commission just noted.

“We also had a good exchange of views on crypto-assets. We see that crypto-assets are here to stay. Despite the recent turbulence, this market continues to grow.”

48% of Millennials will use cryptocurrency

According to YouGov, “Of the people who believe that cryptocurrencies will become widely accepted, over one-third (36%) say they would be interested in converting to primarily using a cryptocurrency rather than the U.S. dollar. However, a majority (57%) say they would not be interested in converting away from the U.S. dollar. Millennials are almost equally split between being interested (48%) and not interested (50%),” notes the survey.

SharesPost’s survey found that, “Cryptocurrency prices have see sawed over the past several months. Nevertheless, 59 percent of investors and 72 percent of consumers plan to increase their holdings over the next 12 months. Majority of respondents expect crypto valuations to increase over the next 12 months though investors were less bullish than in our previous survey. 57 percent of investors and 66 percent of consumers expect growth in crypto valuations over the next year.”

A Greenwich Associates Survey Found the Same

The firm found that more than 70% of institutional finance executives believe cryptocurrency has a place in the future of the industry.

“They’re telling us that they don’t think it’s going away and that it’s here to stay,” says Richard Johnson, a vice president in Greenwich Associates’ Market Structure and Technology group and the author of the report, as quoted by Forbes.





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