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Scam: Superdrug warns 20,000 Customers of Possible Data Theft

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Cryptocurrencies have created such a tulip-mania, the sector is rife with fraud and also scam.

In fact, British health and beauty retailer Superdrug just warned its 20,000 customers to change their online passwords.  All after an extortion attempt from a scammer claiming to have shoppers’ personal information.

The retailer said the hacker demanded a ransom of two bitcoins — or currently about $13,000.

All Clear

“We believe they obtained customers’ email addresses and passwords from other websites and then used those credentials to access accounts on our website,” Superdrug said, as quoted by Reuters.

The good news is Superdrug has confirmed the hacker didn’t succeed in accessing the payment information of customers.

“In line with good security practice, we are advising all our customers to change their passwords now and on a frequent basis,” Superdrug said in the statement. “We have contacted the Police and Action Fraud (the UK’s national fraud and cyber-crime arm) and will be offering them all the information they need for their investigation as we continue to take the responsibility of safeguarding our customers’ data incredibly seriously.”

Additionally, Superdrug stated that they will continue to take responsibility for protecting their customer’s personal information.

Scam: Cybercrime on the Rise

Cybercrime, scam and also attacks are on the increase in the UK.

Cyber attack is on the rise in the UK.  Just recently, Dixons Carphone said it had been the victim of a major attack for the second time in three years.

And that’s not likely to change.

Sadly, companies are facing a growing threat from ransomware, data breaches and weaknesses in the supply chain, according to a report from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).  Emerging threats include theft from cloud storage, which the NCSC argues too many businesses are using.

“Criminals are launching more online attacks on UK businesses than ever before,” a summary accompanying the report said.


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