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Next-Generation Antminer Announced by Bitmain

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Bitmain Technologies, the Blockchain company and mining manufacturer just made a new announcement at the World Digital Mining Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia.

New Antminer With 7nm Technology

Bitmain announced that they will launch a new Antminer with 7 nm semiconductor technology soon. Jihan Wu, the CEO of the firm said that Bitmain’s next-gen ASIC BM1391 Finfet chip will integrate more than a billion transistors for optimal SHA256 mining performance.

Various companies released a number of new SHA256 mining rigs and semiconductors in recent months.

Companies such as Cannan, GMO Group, and others introduced new mining rig models with improved performance and efficiency.

Bitmain Technologies base their their new miners mostly on alternative consensus algorithms and not SHA256. The company’s previous Bitcoin miner was an innovative water-cooled Antminer focusing more on operation longevity.

On Friday, CEO Wu announced that the new Antminer will be released soon.

The New Technology from Bitmain

Bitmain designed a new 7 nm semiconductor called the BM1391 chip that integrates more than a billion transistors.

The company states that they created the 7 nm Finfet design for maximum efficiency. The CEO said that the new model establishes a circuit structure that processes a significant hashrate. At the same time, it retains low energy.

BM1391 tests reveal that the energy consumption to mining capacity ratio is as low as 42J/TH.

Furthermore, Mr. Wu said that the firm will mass-produce the new 7 nm equipped Antminers. The Bitmain CEO believes in the power of blockchain technology, and is of the opinion that as “applications continue to develop, the industry’s market capitalization as a whole will drive growth.”

This will result in optimized data processing along with hardware and software acceleration tethered to this innovative protocol.

The Promise

Mr. Wu announced on stage:

“Even if someone makes a better chip in the future, we will make a better one. Bitmain will continue to develop the best ASICs in the world.”

In conclusion, the development of new chipsets and mining rigs and announcements from manufacturers are a healthy sign. This should increase competition and the Bitcoin protocol’s SHA256 mining security, as well as decentralization at the same time. The latter is of critical importance.



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