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NEM To Trade On Bitpanda Exchange

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Bitpanda, a major Austrian and European cryptocurrency exchange, just revealed users can trade the NEM digital asset.

XEM has grown to reach the coveted status of 17th largest cryptocurrency asset in the digital universe.

Bitpanda is actually a fintech company in Vienna.

The platform boasts great experience and significant capabilities in selling and buying BTC and the altcoins.

This European platform has quickly made itself powerfully felt throughout the cultured continent.

In little time at all, Bitpanda has catapulted into the number one digital assets broker in Austria. Its account holders and users amount to 850,000 enthusiasts in the digital assets universe.

Bitpanda’s platform turns is a fully automated cryptocurrency trading system. This means that payments made on the board auto transfer to the account of the intended receiver. It allows their customers to employ the quickest speed of service and most advanced technologies.

CoinMarketCap Shows A Dramatic Increase in the Value of NEM In Only Days

CoinMarketCap shows NEM with an impressive $876 million digital asset market cap (when the price traded at .09). It was only a few days ago Bitpanda broke the major announcement that they will carry XEM on the exchange. This led to a dramatic rise in the price point of NEM. Only a few days later the price had risen dramatically to .12 and a market cap of $1 billion.

NEM Takes A Giant Leap Forward In Its Quest for Mainstream Adoption

XEM has enjoyed a few impressive weeks of accomplishments and announcements. Only last week it gained an important listing on Coinspot. This cryptocurrency trading platform is nationally known in Australia. Coinspot also has a joint venture project going with NEM. They are collaborating alongside the NEM Foundation to ensure digital assets and blockchain technology continue growing throughout the land “Down Under.”



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