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Nano (NANO) Rising After Posting Fastest Transaction Speed

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cryptocurrency NANO

In recent months, Nano’s value has tended to sink along with the major coins.

But over the last 24 hours, it’s up 13%.  The recent rise likely followed its partnership with a global P2P exchange, as well as a study of transaction speeds.

Nano is feeless, and it may have the fastest transaction speed ever, according to one study

In fact, the crypto data website Bitcoin Kit just published a study testing the deposit speeds of different coins on the popular exchange Binance.

In it, Nano took first place, clocking in a just 3 seconds. Following, Stellar Lumens (XLM) by 2 seconds, Ripple (XRP) by 7, and Bitcoin (BTC) by nearly 20 minutes.

If this information is corroborated by other studies, it could be great publicity-wise.

Nano is now paired with fiat under a new partnership

Additionally, PayFair, a “decentralized escrow” that pairs 35 different fiats to a number of cryptocurrencies, announced they’ve added the coin, as well.

Such a deal could prove beneficial in that it may allow the coin to have a more independent value. It’s often paired with Bitcoin (BTC) for trading.  Historically, Nano has followed the market trends of Bitcoin (BTC) fairly directly, but now it could perhaps veer off on its own.

Nano began in early 2017 under the name RaiBlocks

It was formed with the goal, like many altcoins, of addressing Bitcoin’s (BTC) scalability issues. Nano is a P2P network that operates on what they call a “block-lattice”. Basically, they took the blockchain concept but divided it so that each user carries his own little version. One person’s block can be updated off-network, as long as both parties of a transaction sign off on it.  The company rebranded themselves and their coin as they began to work towards a much wider user-base.



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