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Author, Max Borders on How to Build a Decentralist Culture

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Max Borders Bitcoin

Tokens such as Bitcoin have helped people make “good money” and have contributed to “human progress.”  That’s according to Max Borders, the author of The Social Singularity and the direction of Social Evolution and an opinion piece.

However, he says, “it’s not enough.”

Satoshi Nakamoto did not write his Bitcoin white paper to accumulate wealth for himself.

“He (or they) wanted to commit arson against the old order; a rigged game,” says Borders.  “It’s time we put mission before money.”

Max Borders: The New Societal Order

Borders points to a new societal order and governance that entrepreneur, Brian Robertson talked about.

In fact, as Roberston points out, “Perhaps it’s time to allow the centralized power of current governments to give way and dissolve, and allow new methods of achieving order to emerge from the ashes,” he continued, “ones that don’t have legislators and regulators to buy, or the power to make aggression legal or peaceful exchange illegal.”

With every new line of code, investment, and trade, we are making ourselves a part of  “a great open source project that will forever change our relationship to power.”  Borders wants us all to build a culture around this very fact.

A Decentralist Culture: The Principles

In his work, The Social Singularity, Borders describes a manifesto. Echoing the thoughts of Marshall McLuhan, the social theorist who described his thoughts on how the tools we shape in turn shape us, Borders believes that we choose our rules and these will then shape us.

Borders describes some main tenets of what he calls the “decentralist culture”. He emphasizes the need for an individual’s sovereignty as an important step. He then calls for the creation of protocols that could allow individuals to self-organize in a peaceful manner. Borders also stresses upon the need for the development of “virtuous, mutually beneficial ecosystems” that have the potential to extend benefits to humanity as a whole.

It is also critical to assist the less privileged members of the society, “without creating dependency”, believes Borders. Healthy partnerships and interdependencies are, however, more than welcome.

He hints at how it is possible to attain mass adoption through security, simplicity, and low transaction fees.



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