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Malta Moves to Open First Blockchain BTC University

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The tiny Mediterranean island nation Malta has quickly become a giant in the world of BTC, blockchain, and digital assets. The country enacted laws that welcome cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in May/June. Binance the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily volume then moved to Malta, and the rest is history. Now a new chapter is unfolding as Malta advances towards opening up the world’s first blockchain university.

It explains why Malta has earned the reputation of cryptocurrency and blockchain island. Now one researcher from Oxford named Joshua Broggi is working towards opening up the very first digital university. He awaits his accreditation that will permit him to launch this groundbreaking project.

Malta Beats Out UK for Cryptocurrency University Thanks to Brexit

Broggi has good reasons for choosing Malta besides the obvious ones. He refers back to the educational tradition of the country, based on the classic British framework. Because Brexit is taking the U.K. out of the European Union, he is choosing Malta over Great Britain.

Malta has the advantages of being both a Commonwealth country, and it will remain an EU national country. Malta’s Education Minister Evarist Bartolo and its NCFHE National Commission for Further and Higher Education are encouraging and constructive. It gives the new Woolf University a future in the island nation.

This university will be at an actual location that offers both physical on site and online classes. Teachers will receive salaries in cryptocurrency tokens. The university itself will run wholly using blockchain tech. All administrative affairs will be fully automated. Students will learn through teaching, tutorials that are personalized for their needs, and a uniquely customized experience.

The most exciting part of this experience for international students and teachers is they will gain EU access remotely. The way it works is revolutionary. The accreditation of the university programs and teachers is enforced by blockchain. Students outside of the European Union (from the Commonwealth of Nations for example) can earn an EU-accredited degree. They can do this remotely, from non-EU nations, with non-EU teachers in non-European languages.

The university has already attracted top talent. The highly qualified lecturers and professors are mostly from world leading, legendary Oxford University. Others hail from its traditional rival Cambridge University, King’s College London, George Mason University, and also numerous other respected global institutions. Now that is the power of blockchain for good.


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