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One of the Largest Groups of Cryptocurrency Buyers in the U.S.

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cryptocurrency students

Cryptocurrency is becoming popular among students in the US.

In fact, nearly a fifth of US university students own cryptocurrency. About 9% have already formally studied it, says new research from Coinbase.

It’s in such high demand that 21 out of the 50 biggest U.S. universities now offer cryptocurrency and blockchain-related courses.

According to Bill Maurer a dean at the University of California Irvine:

“Students today are really thinking deeply about economic issues and alternative economic futures. Teaching about this kind of stuff now can be really powerful for students that are trying to find their own way and envision what kind of possible alternatives there might be to the prevailing economic system.”

Consequently, the survey revealed that 34% of the students studying computer science and engineering are learning about the new technology.

To accommodate the increasing interest universities like Georgetown, Cornell and also Stanford are equipping the Blockchain research departments. New York University has already decided to Blockchain course in two semesters to accommodate the growing demand.

Best Brains are Moving Towards Blockchain

According to Nat McGrath a Vice President at Coinbase, “It’s exciting to see widespread interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology taking off in the global academic community, including students attending the top universities in the world.”

Dan Boneh a professor at Stanford added that, “It’s a pretty exciting time. It feels like the beginning of something.”

Cryptocurrency is still very young in the world

This is evident because on 1% of the world’s population own cryptocurrencies.

However, with universities now offering crypto related courses, the percentage is likely to go up. If the popularity of cryptocurrency grew by 10% in the world then it would be a major sector. The sector has already attracted some of the best brains from the Wall Street and it’s expected to continue making major moves in the future.


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