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Largest Blockchain Conference in Europe Coming to Bulgaria

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Eastern and Central Europe are places where Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain are really beginning to take off.

In fact, among the crypto-verse rising national stars are Estonia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria.  Within, the CEE Block Sofia is the largest of the digital universe conferences happening in the region. It comes to Sofia, Bulgaria this fall.

What’s the Story With CEE Block Sofia in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is not the first country coming to mind in Central/Eastern Europe when people think of blockchain/cryptocurrency conferences.

For example, Sofia, Bulgaria is the location for this year’s CEE Block Sofia. Running from October 25th to 26th, the event will happen in Sofia Tech Park. It will bring together top level EU Commission policymakers and the investors and countries from EU member states.

Such an event will concentrate on present day legal, regulatory, and tax environments and needed changes in them. The goal of this conference is to find a way towards a unified regional-wide approach to harnessing blockchain opportunities.

EU Showing Interest in Digital Services

Too much fragmentation has already characterized the continent’s approach to cryptocurrencies and blockchain infrastructure. Now the EU is suddenly interested in catching up on digital services. They see these can promote efficiency throughout borders in the Digital Single Market of the European Union.

What makes this forum interesting is that various industries will be here to show off their functioning blockchain apps. The idea will be to promote those most effective practices of government, enterprise, and local municipalities regarding blockchain. The conference will also foster a new vision of the role startups are fulfilling for the decentralized European economy. These startups will appreciate the time to pitch their business models and project ideas to the forum attendees.

CEE Block is organizing this powerful event in association with the National Digital Alliance, Telenik, Industria, Sofia Tech Park, and Solutions for the Future. Twenty-two EU member states will send delegations from their governments.



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