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Investment Evolution Coin Launches Global Crypto Exchange

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Investment Evolution Coin

Investment Evolution Coin (IEC) just launched a cryptocurrency exchange in Malta.

In fact, the Investment Evolution Exchange (IECX) follows the launch of its Investment Evolution Coin in June 2018.

Reportedly, the exchange will invest two million euros in the economy of Malta.  Furthermore, the exchange has already started hiring local employees to operate in its St Julians’s head office.  IECX is already accepting applications for crypto tokens and coins.

Blockchain Hub in Malta

According to Silvio Schembri the junior minister for financial services, “Since the enactment of the 3 Bills into law, Malta is increasingly becoming a natural choice amongst companies within the blockchain and crypto sphere…”

In addition, according to IEC Chairman, Paul Mathieson, “We are very excited to have launched our IECX global cryptocurrency exchange in Malta, the world’s leading regulated crypto and fintech jurisdiction. Our team conducted extensive research which included visiting many other potential jurisdictions across the globe and determined Malta was the standout location for our cryptocurrency exchange, with the added benefit of Malta being a European Union member.”

“Three recent Malta government bills, passed into law in July, provide a strong regulatory framework that will support the blockchain industry and provides certainty for companies like IECX.”

At the moment, IECX is trading Bitcoin and the Investment Evolution Coin (IEC)

The exchange notes that it’s planning to add more cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). The exchange is also in talks with a bank in Malta. They want to add direct EUR/USD fiat crypto trading as well as EUR/USD fiat deposits and withdrawals.

The EU Finally Takes Note of Malta’s Huge Advances in the World of the Crypto-verse

It was all too easy for the EU to ignore the issue of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICO’s at first.

Little of the digital assets’ transaction volume has previously occurred in Euros. This has now changed dramatically thanks to Malta and Binance’s new partnership. Binance is not the only company making huge headlines in Malta either these days.

Even Bittrex revealed its move into Malta.  It has taken a significant 10% ownership of leading blockchain company Palladium headquartered in Malta.


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