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ICOx Innovations Introduces Blockchain Economies

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blockchain photography

Blockchain economies are quickly changing the way business is done.

Look at ICOx Innovations, for example.

The company creates reward, gaming, loyalty, and payment cryptocurrencies for established companies with one simple idea.  Companies can grow further through the application of blockchain technology and virtual currencies.  All while reducing cost reduction and increasing customer adoption.

The KODAKOne Example

For instance, the company helped launch KODAKOne, a platform that will create a ledger of rights ownership for photographers to protect, manage and monetize their work.  This will reduce cost and make it quicker for people to register, move and sell digital images.

By pairing blockchain with KODAKCoin (its designated cryptocurrency), KODAKOne can enforce copyright compliance and track the usage of images.

ICOx Innovations also collaborates with Ryde Holding, which founded the KODAKOne platform. It will help integrate the blockchain technology and the KODAKOne platform.  Earlier in June, Ryde Holding had announced a collaboration with six OVG Arena Alliance venues. Through this partnership, as many as 10 million fans will be able to benefit from the KODAKOne platform. They’ll be able to use it to upload and protect their photos and videos with the blockchain.

ICOx Innovations and Blockchain-Powered Future

According to Jan Denecke, the CEO of Ryde Holding, the collaboration with ICOx Innovations holds the promise of a bright future with immense potential.

“Our partnership with ICOx Innovations has opened up a future whose potential cannot be underestimated,” said Jan Denecke, CEO of Ryde Holding. “We’re combining groundbreaking blockchain technology with the images that capture the moments we want to remember. The ICOx Innovations team has the unique combination of technological, enterprise and regulatory expertise we need to bring the KODAKOne potential to life.”




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