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IBM to Revolutionize Blockchain and Travel with New Partnership

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Blockchain technology has shown vast progress and utilization across various sectors, from healthcare to ICOs. However, the travel and tourism industry has not seen any major advancements involving blockchain technology. Therefore, a new partnership between Travelport, a prime travel commerce platform and IBM promises a paradigm shift in the travel industry.

First came AI, now comes Blockchain

The first technological milestone in this ambitious collaboration is the use of an industry first Artificial Intelligence system. Consequently, developers suggest that AI in combination with Travelport data can perceptively track, analyze and predict the corporate travel costs. An August announcement, indicates that this AI program will optimize the management of corporate travel spending.

Further, by incorporating Blockchain technology in their AI travel program, they added another feather to their technological cap.

Speaking about their adoption of Blockchain Technology, Mike Croucher, Travelport’s Chief Architect said:

“IBM brings their R&D, while we bring our experience and knowledge of the industry. Because of our history, we are now able to combine resources, breaking into A.I. and blockchain technology.”

Purpose of using Blockchain Technology

Therefore, the major goal of Travelport is to understand blockchain technology and its various uses. Travelport will achieve this by studying particular cases involving blockchain technology  in the travel sector. Their collaboration with IBM will be the first time Travelport will explore the blockchain.

On the contrary, Elizabeth Pollock, travel and transportation industry Client Lead  for IBM, explained that the company has different goals. IBM is using this collaboration as an opportunity for expansion and disruption of the distribution landscape.

Background of the technology behind the IBM partnership

Similarly, IBM Travel Manager utilizes the functionalities of IBM’s AI system, Watson. Then, it delivers services through their IBM cloud. Watson is mainly used for mining and leveraging company data, and making informed corporate decisions. Additionally, besides internal use, Watson, IBM employs the system for AI-related applications across various sectors. These range from medical centers and business analytics to voice recognition.

In fact, this partnership allows Travelport to utilize the functionalities of Watson. The data mining ability of Watson will enable Travelport to apply its travel-related expertise in real-time situations. The result from this collaboration will be of major assistance to its end users. Through an interactive dashboard, customers will be able to observe and efficiently analyze the trend of their travel spending.

Beneficial for all

The collaboration is a win-win for all stakeholders, be it IBM, Travelport or the customers. This AI-Blockchain based Travel Manager is a futuristic solution for efficiently tracking the experience of the traveling customers


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