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Hackers Compromise Monero (XMR) Wallets

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Monero hack

Monero (XMR) has shared some bad news with its community. They revealed that hackers have compromised their site. Apparently the hackers hit them through their MEGA Chrome extension. The extension stole XMR crypto wallet addresses as well as Monero passwords from site users.

The Extension for MEGA Chrome is Not Offered for Download

This Chrome extension had an important role to play.

The idea was that it would boost the performance of the browser and decrease the length of time for loading.

The hack is serious and affects much more than just Monero. In fact, crypto hijackers have accessed usernames and saved passwords off of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and GitHub platforms too.  Because of that, Chrome has taken the extension down from its download store at Chrome Web.

However, the good news is that with Monero, the protocol hides sender addresses. The final transaction amount is invisible as well. In addition, XMR security is impressive too. All transactions that customers make on the network route via a highly secretive address. The original sender cannot link to this.

The Potential Exists for Monero Tokens to Be Stolen

Worse still, the Monero Lead Maintainer warned that the virus extension will pull out private security keys. This happens if a user logs in to MyEtherWallet or MyMonero using a browser that has the extension already installed.

What can users do about this alarming hack of Monero? The first thing that they should do is to uninstall any MEGA Chrome extension. The next step is to quickly change every important password the user has.

Equally valuable advice would be to move the funds away from those accounts that may have already become compromised. It there was any good news in this disturbing hacking revelation it is this. Google Chrome alone suffered the hack. Hackers have not managed to successfully invade other Internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Opera.


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