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Fake Phishing Site Appearing to be Jaxx Wallet Shut Down

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phishing site

When it comes to trading any asset, be aware of scams, such as phishing.

The Jaxx Wallet Scam

Not long ago, scammers set up a fake site similar to the Jaxx Wallet to steal cryptocurrencies.

According to Flashpoint, “The phony site had a similar URL to the legitimate jaxx[.]io site and was serving a number of custom and commodity strains of malware with the end goal of emptying Jaxx users’ wallets.”

Fortunately for users, the site has since been removed.

The Phishing Scam

But just what is phishing?

Let’s say for example, you open an e-mail update from the wallet where you store your coins.  The e-mail clearly states you must sync your wallet with a network immediately.  To do so, you must unlock your account with your private key.  Otherwise, you may not be able to send or even receive new coins.

Thinking it’s a legitimate e-mail, you click the link provided, enter your information, and enter your data hoping you just synced your wallet.

But you didn’t update anything.  Instead, you just handed scammers using a phishing campaign, the keys to your coins.

And while you may frantically call support of the real site to tell them what happened, your coins may have vanished into thin air.

Granted this may sound ridiculous.  But it happens, spreading through e-mail, fake Twitter accounts asking you to send coins or provide data, and even fake Google Ad Word scams with misspelled URLs, such as

You can Protect Yourself

Realize that most wallet providers will never ask for your privacy keys, or even e-mail.

Pay attention to the URL you are clicking for potential typos – a dead giveaway.

Check your own spelling if you typed it yourself.

Check a token wallet address at for example.  If it is detected in phishing activity, you can find that information immediately.

Never, ever give any one your private key.



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