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European Crytpo-Backed Visa Cards Now Work With BTC, LTC, and XRP

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The Europeans are again taking a significant leap forward with their adoption of the major cryptocurrencies in everyday commerce. Wirex offers a Visa debit card that is backed by major cryptos— Bitcoin, Litecoin, and as of now, Ripple. All residents who live in the countries of the EEA European Economic Area can utilize this Visa-branded credit card. This includes the EU 27 countries plus Britain, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and also Liechtenstein.

Wirex just added Ripple as the third supported crypto in the Visa backed stable. The results of this move have been extremely strong. In the initial 12 hours of the Ripple addition, the XRP deposits to Wirex grew a significant $2 million.

Such cryptocurrency-backed debit cards attach to wallets that hold cryptos. The companies that run these then draw the digital asset funds in real-time from the merchant point of sale. Wirex allows account holders to sell the currencies BTC, LTC, and also XRP for mainstream fiat currencies and vice versa. This way, customers can pay for the transaction with relative speed and convenience.

Wirex Leading the Charge in Cutting-Edged Platform Extension

The company is ahead of many rivals with this technology and platform innovation. Before it added Ripple the other day, Wirex supported a variety of payment fiat currencies. BTC and LTC wallets transacted real-time payments using U.S. dollars (USD), Great British pounds (GBP), and Eurozone euros (EUR).

Wirex also leads most rivals in offering two choices of working Visa credit cards. They provide the standard virtual card common to the world of cryptocurrencies. More importantly for people who prefer to shop in traditional physical outlets, they offer a physical Visa debit card option. Virtual cards help customers to make payments and transactions from laptops, desktops, and smartphone applications.

Wirex continues to innovate. Presently they are developing an improvement to their physical Visa logo debit cards. This will make it possible to use the popular contactless payments option in physical merchant locations.

Furthermore, on its website, Wirex claims that it counts 1.5 million active users as customers. There they discuss their interest in opening additional markets outside of the European Economic Area. Change is coming to the world of physical payment options in merchant outlets.


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