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Ethereum And Native Token Ether (ETH) Celebrate Third Birthdays

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Three years ago in 2015, Ether (ETH), Ethereum’s native token, erupted onto the stage in the Bitcoin and altcoin world. It was not the first mover in the crypto sphere or even a relatively early one. This did not stop it and Ethereum from becoming an indispensable part of the digital currency and technology universe.

At the time, the newly formed project of ETH excited the crypto community. It boasted of so much potential for developing the entire ecosystem. The early enthusiasts had no clue how crucial Ethereum would soon become in transforming the whole crypto universe.

From that first day to the present time, Ethereum never stopped innovating and evolving. The birth of this exciting crypto launched a brave new beginning in the crypto universe. Many different tokens people see when examining the daily global market cap have run or still run on Ethereum’s network.

There are so many examples of the projects that Ethereum made possible. These include EOS, Tron, Golem, BNB, OMG, and countless others. None of these today would be nearly so successful if the Ethereum network had not arisen.

Analysts Compare Ethereum to the Silver of the Crypto World

Bitcoin may be the gold of the digital universe, but Ethereum is a significant second and the kingpin’s greatest rival. Analysts compare ETH to the silver of the crypto world. This is no coincidence, as the logo for the tokens is actually silver in color. It may not be an accident either that Bitcoin’s logo is golden in color.

More Great Things Lie in Ethereum’s Future

The creative genius behind Ethereum is Vitalik Buterin. He is confident that great things are still in the blockchain’s future. The organization already counts several major new developments in its arsenal. Technologies in development include Sharding and Casper. Both could lead to yet another major crypto universe breakthrough.

Ethereum’s value is more than simply an economic or financial gain for millions of investors around the world. It boasts a real technological legacy and a bright-looking future. Already these benefits that Etherum brought to the crypto universe in only three years are practically impossible to calculate.


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