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How DNA can Secure your Bitcoin Riches

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Like something out of a sci-fi movie, investors are storing their Bitcoin in DNA.

It’s not a joke.  A startup called, Carverr is offering such cold storage for your digital currencies.  All in an effort to safeguard it from the most experienced hacker.

A Bizarre Way to Protect Digital Assets

To secure your digital currencies, redundancy is critical, says Carverr.

It’s digital system reportedly transforms your data from digital information to biological.  And it requires no software updates for Internet connections. Plus, since it lives off line, it’s protected from hackers because your code is stored in a strain of DNA.

How it Works 

The company uses an algorithm to convert your digital code (1s and 0s) into a string of bases consisting of As, Ts, Cs, and Gs.  Carverr then manufactures a strand of synthetic DNA, using the string of bases.  Then, they ship it back to you in a tube for safe keeping in your freezer.

According to CNET, “Converting a data file into DNA is a surprisingly simple concept. Data, when broken down into a basic binary form, is just a bunch of zeros and ones. As for DNA, its language is made up of four letters: A, T, C and G — the abbreviations for the nucleotides that make up the rungs of the DNA ladder. To translate binary to the language of DNA, you need to have a conversion system. Let’s say A = 00, T=01, C=10, and G=11. In this example, the string 11000101001000 would translate to GATTACA.”

It may sound like an odd way to protect your investment, but it could work.

We have to remember that cybercrimes and hacking issues with exchanges and accounts has made some investors uncomfortable.

If they can be made to feel more secure, further adoption is likely.


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