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DASH To Seize BTC’s Mantle as Most Scalable Cryptocurrency With New Partnership

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Dash just revealed that it has an exciting new partnership with Arizona State University. The pair will investigate the means to boost the scalability of its blockchain. The university’s Blockchain Research Lab has focused on effective solutions.

This is an exciting development for cryptocurrencies in general and DASH specifically. The team has made huge strides. It will allow Dash to keep boosting their network capacity and block size. They will reach greater than five times their current capability in the short term.

The company has revealed that it will shortly possess an incredible 40 times the Bitcoin network capacity. It will also boast a viable means to scale up for the future. Dash knows that this level of scalability will permit them to increase the adoption rates of Dash for everyday transactions. The technology will similarly help other cryptocurrencies to speed their adoption as well.

DASH Concentrating on Becoming the Preferred E-commerce and Digital Payments Solution

Dash’s goal is incredibly ambitious. They aim for nothing short of becoming the leading system for e-commerce and also digital currency payments. Whatever their dreams are for the company personally, it has huge implications for other digital currencies.

Scalability continues to be a serious limitation for the vast majority of cryptocurrencies. Even cryptocurrency market share leader Bitcoin suffers from this, despite its greater than 45% total market share. Doubt swirls about the capability of digital asset networks and if they can scale up to reach mass adoption.

It is incredibly significant that the researchers discovered their ability to scale the Dash network up to 10MB block sizes. Furthermore, their findings stunned observers who learned that Dash will be capable of scaling well beyond 10MB block sizes.

DASH boasts the 14th biggest market capitalization in the crypto universe with a $1.7 billion market cap. The cryptocurrency’s maximum coin supply amounts to 18.9 million. Fully, 8.23 million Dash coins are already in circulation.

The cryptocurrency has a bright future ahead of it as it continues to increase its scalability. Even cryptocurrency market leaders Bitcoin and Ether look vulnerable to the significant advances Dash has been able to achieve with this latest research collaboration with Arizona State University.


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