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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) and Blockchain Technology

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It’s National Cybersecurity Month (NCSAM), says Homeland Security.

Founded by the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), both are making sure Americans have the resources necessary to stay safer and much more secure online.

All as the global community finally wakes up the treat of cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Threat Facts 2018

According to a survey of corporate boards by the National Association of Corporate Directors, just 19% of companies have an understanding about cyber risks.

Right now, 75% of all U.S. companies are not prepared for another cyber attack.  As many as 65% have yet to devote time or resources into research.

By the time many wake up, it could be far too late. By 2020, Microsoft says online data volumes will be 50x greater than today.  And with 111 billion lines of new software code produced in a year, there are plenty of exposed vulnerabilities.

Facebook Taught us Another Tough Lesson on Cybersecurity

The global community isn’t fully safe from such attacks.

We learned that the hard way with Facebook again.  This time, attackers were able to gain access to access tokens that allowed hackers to access millions of accounts.

But hackers didn’t just have access to your Facebook pages, they also had access to Tinder, shopping sites, and games on your phone.  All of that should scare you because it can expose highly personal information.  We’re sitting ducks with unpreparedness.

Cybersecurity: Blockchain to the Rescue?

As we noted in late September 2018, blockchain can be of assistance.

In fact, blockchain can actually assist in improving both privacy and data security.  With data in centralized databases, it’s much more susceptible to data breaches.

However, decentralized databases can safeguard against those very issues.

Israel Installs Blockchain for Cyber Issues

Even the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) just started to use blockchain to improve cyber security issues with its messaging system.

It also has plans to install the technology on an online voting system.  According to Times of Israel, this “adds another layer to ensuring the credibility of the information relayed to the supervised bodies. The technology verifies the messages’ authenticity, prevents fraud, and prevents them from being edited or deleted. Additionally, the system prevents the option of denying that a message was received from the ISA.”

In short, as cyber issues become worse, perhaps blockchain will play a much larger role.




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