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Blockchain Adoption: AT&T Launches Solutions

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AT&T blockchain

It’s only a matter of time before most companies adopt blockchain technology.  In recent days, AT&T jumped on the bandwagon, offering solutions for the supply chain.  It simply wants to help clients track and manage information across multiple parties.

The company’s new suite of offerings can be used in manufacturing, retail and healthcare.

“Blockchain improves security and enables better management of transactions through complex processes. Utilizing our global network and IoT capabilities, AT&T enhances blockchain by providing edge-to-edge solutions that automate the tracking and that can even monitor the environmental conditions throughout the process,” says the company.

However, AT&T is the Only Game in Town

While many retailers are just toying with the idea of integrating blockchain technology, Walmart is exploring the launch of trials.  All in an effort to drive down supply chain costs, and help keep pace with giants, like

Along the way, it’s been applying for and winning patents for blockchain ideas.  One of those ideas also has to do with healthcare.

Blockchain-Based Health Care Records

In late June 2018, Walmart won a patent for a system that would house medical records on the blockchain.  According to that application, the system would involve a wearable device that houses patient data on the blockchain.

According to Fortune, “This system would depend on a wearable device which houses the actual patient data (on a blockchain). Another device, a biometric scanner, in conjunction with an RFID scanner, will be used to identify and then unlock the medical data stored on the wearable device. Two separate digital keys, one private and one public, would be at play, with the private key decrypted by scanning a major biometric feature of the patient.”



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