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World Blockchain Summit Comes to Dubai, Oct 24-25

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Dubai blockchain conference

Dubai is no stranger to world class events. The World Blockchain Summit travels around the world to the most famous cities on the planet.

In fact, the two become a match made in heaven as the summit arrives October 24th through October 25th this year.

The World Blockchain Summit is famous for traveling to the people. Starting in 2017, it began a world tour. It has already taken on many important cities like Moscow, Nairobi, Singapore, and Frankfurt. It reaches the Unite Arab Emirates in October. The event will take place in Dubai at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers from October 24th to the 25th.

The summit has become a mainstay in the crypto-verse as among the original blockchain conferences. It will hit a key 15 stops around the planet this year. What makes this event so popular is that it draws in startups and technology providers, and government officials.

As a matter of fact, blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts come from everywhere.

Startups and Blockchain Services Have Gathered over $500 Million in Global Funding

These blockchain servicing companies and startups have garnered a significant $500 million in what is still a tiny blockchain universe. The Dubai, UAE summit will showcase the various adoptions that have already taken place in both government and private sectors.

Regulatory Laws and Commissions Are Hot Topics

One element bringing interest to the conversation is the increasing need for clarity of Charter Laws and Regulatory Commissions. Getting these codified will help blockchain technologies to gain greater adoption in both public and private spaces. It is especially important because many governments choose to say nothing about the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

In addition, governments with a strong opinion will participate in the “All Government Panel” a prominent feature of the Dubai Summit. Showcased on the panel will be Congressman Jason Hsu of Legislative Yuan Taiwan, Chairman Bitange Ndemo of the Kenya-based AI and Blockchain Task Force, Afilexion Alliance for Malta Partner Dr. Ian Gauci, Ukranian Parliamentarian Oleksii Mushak, President Gilbert Reveillon of the CNCCEF France, and President Vit Jedicka of the Liberland Free Republic.

Among the chief subjects of this government panel will be the topic “Future of Blockchain in Government” and national regulatory progress and environments. The ICO Grand Slam will also take place. This is among the largest forums for Initial Coin Offering presentations in the world.



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