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Rocket Lawyer Fast Tracking Launch of Blockchain Legal Contracts

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Digital legal services company, Rocket Lawyer just partnered with ConsenSys and OpenLaw to accelerate the distribution of a Rocket Wallet.

This will assist Rocket Lawyer with trusted, blockchain-enabled contract execution.

With ConsenSys, Rocket Lawyer can create smarter transactions that are managed by a network, rather than a central authority.

By doing so, Rocket Lawyer hopes to limit the sharing of consumers information and enhance consumer privacy and security.

In addition, the three companies will collaborate on bringing additional Ethereum blockchain innovations such as smart contracts, automated dispute resolution and identity management applications to the legal services market.

Charley Moore, Rocket Lawyer Founder and CEO says, “Together, we will work to increase access to justice by closing the gap between contract execution and trusted, secure performance of agreed-upon obligations.”

Elimination of Contractual Conflicts

“The collaboration with these companies will enable the creation and development of legally binding smart contracts. We want to ensure the reduction of conflicts and frictions in contract agreements. We are working to create blockchain based enforceable agreements which are legally binding. This move will not only be a bid achievement to use but also a huge development in Ethereum as a whole.”

Through Blockchain technology Rocket Lawyer will make a solution of disputes and contract performance affordable and secure. The first phase of this project will be complete before the end of September 2018.


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