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Wipro and BiTA Push Blockchain Adoption in the Transportation Sector

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Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA)  partnered with Wipro Limited to lead the adoption of Blockchain in the transportation industry.

Building Tech Block by Block

BiTA was started in 2017 by players in the transportation and tech fields to ensure the development of Blockchain standards.

The company aims to bring together all freight companies which have expressed interest in Blockchain technology. The main aim of BiTA is to provide educational platforms for its members, especially in the trucking industry. The company wants to ensure that their members clearly understand blockchain technology and know where they can apply it in the transport industry.

Wipro, on the other hand, specializes in technology like robotics, cloud, hyper automation and other emerging technologies like Blockchain. During the announcement of the partnership BiTA managing director said that: “We are very encouraged to have Wipro on board. We have one aim of bringing together all freight companies which have an interest in Blockchain technology. Wipro has very good Blockchain experts and we look forward to working closely with them. We want the technology to cover all areas including supply chain, fraud detection and trade finance. We hope will get the right solution for the industry.”

Professionalism and Dedication

In addition, Winpro has worked with different organizations helping them develop blockchain platforms. The company’s President Srini Pallia noted that: “We partnering with BiTA to continue with our commitment in developing market-friendly Blockchain platforms. We are looking forward to bring our expertise to the transport and logistics industry. This is not our first Bitcoin-related project, we have done many and still have many partnerships.”

Even though both companies did not not specify how long the partnership will last they expect to have mutual understanding for a long time. According to BiTA management: “We are going to engage Wipro in other technological platforms to better our institution.” The companies also did not specify the total budget involved in the project.

Blockchain technology is taking over the world technology. Companies have set aside huge budgets to invest in the sector. Some of the worlds best companies like Samsung have already developed Blockchain platforms. Samsung is using the technology to control its supplies all over the world. Since developing the platform Samsung has said that it saves 20% on the initial costs it was incurring.


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