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IHS Market Projects $2 Trillion Blockchain Value by 2030

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IHS Market is a major news, publishing, and data analytics corporation specializing in finance, technology, and military publication fields. They have just revealed in their latest July report a stunning new forecast for the digital space. IHS Market forecasts blockchain technology will grow astronomically, encompassing total business activities of $2 trillion in value before 2030. This prognosis includes the whole vertical of blockchain, and not only coin market capitalizations.

The report suggested that the future blockchain value will encompass many areas in the cryptocurrency and blockchain-related technology application fields. Some would argue that this two trillion dollar figure is quite conservative. Year 2030 is eleven and a half years away still. In the crypto-universe, this is a lifetime.

Even though another bear market slump appears to have overtaken the digital assets recently, blockchain applications increase every day. There are business partnerships exploding and patents filed for in practically every business segment.

If the patent numbers are any indication, enterprise business will be adopting the cryptocurrencies and also blockchain technology en masse. CCN has reported that back in the bull market of 2017, total cryptocurrency activity nearly reached $1 trillion.

IBM Leads the Financial Universe in Its Adoption of Blockchain Tech

The general manager of IBM Blockchain Marie Wieck is on a crusade. She wants to tell everyone that IBM is the globally leading pioneer in advancing solutions for blockchain. Furthermore, their solutions encompass many different needs for making the blockchain technology work for the financial services sector.

LedgerConnect is the IBM-led partnership with Citi, Barclays Bank, CLS, and also nine other firms. Big Blue expects that the innovation in this project will become accelerated with time.

IBM gained an invaluable and long-lasting rep in blockchain for its partnership with global trading and payment platform Stronghold. The computing behemoth is working with Stronghold’s Stellar Lumens’ blockchain platform and also its stablecoin “stronghold USD.”

In April, IBM proudly told the world it developed a unique watertight source material allowing tracking via blockchain technology. IBM calls this its TrustChain Initiative. It has an end-goal of assisting jewelers to not purchase “blood diamonds” or other unethically mined minerals/metals/oil. It looks like critics of Big Blue wrote them off too soon.

They are back with a vengeance, now in a commanding role in the blockchain and digital assets’ worlds.


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