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Roger Ver and John McAfee: Why the Investors Joined the Cryptocurrency Space

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are revolutionizing the world.

The number of businesses accepting cryptocurrency is growing by leaps and bounds.

Intuit, PayPal, Dish Network, and Accept Cryptocurrency

At Microsoft for example, you can buy content in the Windows and Xbox stores.  The company was even behind the launch of Azure Blockchain as a platform that allowed larger-scale businesses to use block chain to facilitate settlements with cryptocurrency.

Walmart, Mastercard, Cisco, IBM, Alibaba all see the opportunity, too.

Cryptocurrency investor Roger Ver thinks it could change the world

“Cryptocurrency is merely the transactional, financial aspect of the blockchain but blockchain can be applied to anything in life. In blockchain, we have the record of truth – the actuality of what is or did happen. We never had that before.”

What’s nice about blockchain, he says is the trust issue.  We don’t have to question whom to believe or what to believe because information is recorded on the chain.

That’s itself is a significant game changer.

A True Beginning of Recorded History

McAfee believes that if blockchain existed since the beginning of time people would have a different history to narrate, as noted by AMBCrypto.  “I heard one person say that the beginning of the blockchain was the true beginning of recorded history.”

He also points to the trust factor that blockchain can provide.

For example, he believes HitBTC is a criminal organization.  If one its users were to accuse the platform of theft, those same users wouldn’t know where to go, or how to collect their money back.  No one knows the location of HitBTC.

However, thanks to the blockchain, we have a record of truth of the blockchain.

Analysts at UBS believe blockchain is a game changer

“Just as internet has transformed our lives with email, e-commerce, or smartphone apps, we believe blockchain as an infrastructure technology can power future disruptive technologies through distributive ledgers, smart contracts, tokens or identity management,” it wrote, although it didn’t provide specific investment recommendations.

In short, with blockchain increasing trust and transparency of business, full adoption cannot be that far off.  No wonder corporate America and investors are as excited as they are.



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