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More than 200 Digital Tokens to List on Bittrex-Backed Cryptofacil Exchange

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Bitrex has been making headlines around the world lately for its progressive moves. The firm has just made another one by partnering with digital assets trading platform Cryptofacil. Together they will co-launch a new cryptocurrency trading platform that boasts more than 200 different digital tokens.

In fact, the partnership delivers a unique solution for Latin American and Caribbean customers.

Many of them are interested in gaining access to a vastly improved assortment of cryptocurency choices. That’s because some have complained that only BTC and ETH are not enough for the opportunities they wish to pursue.

Bittrex Opens A New International Affiliate to Manage Overseas Operations

Bittrex has expanded its international operations massively in the last few months.

For example, they recently decided to open up an affiliate operation, called Bittrex International Inc.

That will act as a holding company to many cutting-edged companies that they own overseas.

Bittrex now divides their two operations according to U.S. and international lines. Their United States-based operation is gaining in strength. Internationally their network and partner exchanges are expanding in scope and size throughout the globe. They are effectively pushing cryptocurrency trading and blockchain tech as they take it to the world. It puts them in competition with a variety of cryptocurrency companies based in the United Kingdom and Europe. The continent has developed its own blockchain and fintech centered in London, Switzerland, Estonia, and Malta.

Bittrex Selects An Operations Center in Malta to Compete More Effectively

In order to compete more effectively, Bittrex International is opening a technologically cutting-edged digital assets platform based in Malta. Blockchain Island or Cryptocurrency Island is the new nickname for Malta since May of this year. Malta has become one of the friendliest nations on earth to the crypto-verse and blockchain world. Bittrex Malta is going to operate under the rules of the European Union. This will give it access to all 27 nations of the EU. The U.K. is leaving the EU and will not be a part of this regulatory framework.



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