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TRON Battles Ethereum over Future of Virtual Machines

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TRON virtual machine

Once upon a time, there was cryptocurrency 1.0 featuring Bitcoin. Ethereum came along and advanced the digital world to 2.0 with its fabled smart contracts. Now the blockchain world has arrived at the 3.0 stage. No one company has yet managed to dominate this new incarnation of the crypto-verse. It has become a battle of the ages between Ethereum the reigning 2.0 champ and TRON the challenger.

Virtual Machines Are the Future and the Present of the Crypto-verse

Ethereum invented the EVM Etherum Virtual Machine. This looked like it would be the next generation of the digital universe development. Unfortunately for Ethereum, there are imperfections in this EVM. This gave hungry rivals to ETH the opportunity to compete for the prize of standard carrier of the digital universe. TRON is leading in this arena. EOS and Qtum Blockchain are also fighting for the chance to prove that they are worthy. The winner will dominate the space and world of the DApp application.

Virtual machines sound more complicated than they really are. Imagine Microsoft Word for a moment. Individuals can edit articles; review layout, formatting, and presentation; run spell checker; and make changes by loading articles into Word. Previewing is easy from this point. Virtual machines do the same thing for blockchain. They offer a functional environment in which blockchain apps can run.

Enter TRON On the Scene with the TVM

With Ethereum’s EVM suffering from issues in design and the actual implementation of the Dapp, TRON developed rival TVM. TRON was very clever in the way they went about this. They developed a virtual machine that is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The TRON TVM fixed the defect in Ethereum’s machine too. It is not hard to see where this is headed.

TRON offers another advantage over Ethereum’s product as well. TRON’s TVM does not charge for either smart contract ops or transfers. With no need for tokens, it means that the TVM computing capacity is nearly unlimited. It sounds like Ethereum had better watch its back. Serious competition to ETH for the future of the crypto-verse has arrived in the form of the TRON TVM.


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